Spring Lamb




Lamb farming is an integral part of Ontario’s agricultural industry, with approximately 1,200 sheep farms and over 280,000 sheep in the province. Ontario produces a wide range of sheep products, including meat, wool, and dairy.

Lambing typically occurs in the spring, with ewes giving birth to one or two lambs each. Lambs are usually weaned at around 60 days old and sold to market when they reach the desired weight and size, ranging from 50 to 120 pounds depending on the market and the breed of sheep.

Ontario farmers raise various sheep breeds, including Suffolk, Dorset, Hampshire, and Rideau Arcott. These breeds are selected for their ability to thrive in Ontario’s climate and produce high-quality meat and wool.

Ontario’s lamb industry is supported by organizations such as the Ontario Sheep Farmers, which provides resources and support to farmers and promotes the consumption of Ontario lamb products. The industry is also subject to regulations and guidelines set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to ensure the safety and quality of lamb products.