Back in my early studio days we used to charge people inflated rates for printed photos.  In addition to capturing the images on 2¼ negatives using Mamiya RB67 and Bronica ETR, I also did the lab work.  The studio did all its own black and white print production and some custom colour printing as well.   I spent hours in the darkroom fine-tuning the enlarger, chemicals and paper to create beautiful photographs.

To the present…  I’ve gotten rid of the medium format cameras and work mostly on my Canon EOS 1D mark III.  When I need output larger than 20×30”, I rent from Vistek and pick up medium format digital backs and body.  Otherwise, the image size and pixel quality of my Canon is more than sufficient for event and people photography.

I do my post-capture processing in the digital darkroom.  I can retouch blemishes, remove age spots, wrinkles, and whiten teeth, whatever it takes to make you look great.  Of course you will still look like you!

We used to sell print packages in addition to the hourly rate back in the film days.  Now it makes better sense to me that you should be given the disk with your images. I’ll crop, retouch and burn them all to CD. An hour session usually produces 30-40 good shots.  Then you take the CD to the photo lab of your choice for the actual printed photos. You can choose the cheapest  print provider you can find or the best there is.

Instead of being charged $25.00 per 8×10 or more by a studio, you can get them done at Costco or Blacks for $4.95 or so.  Actors, you can get excellent headshot quantity discounts at Rocket Reprographics.

The old photo economy model has changed since the introduction of digital imaging.  Still, if you’d rather I supply the printing because you don’t have the time to do it, then I’ll be happy to get it done for you, for a reasonable fee. I can also do matting and framing.

Contact me for special event pricing and charitable rates.  Also I have a soft spot for starving artists and bands who need promo photography for web or album/CD art.